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The Holiday Season and Art: Heirlooms and Investments

Concrete to Canvas – November 7 – December 31, 2020

With only a few weeks left in our current show ‘Concrete to Canvas’, it’s time to make the trip. In the first weekend alone we safely welcomed over two thousand visitors. Our 7,800 square ft remodeled space allows for a comfortable and socially distanced viewing experience. The street art exhibition has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and featured in three national news outlets. Have you seen the show? It truly is unique and something Texas has never seen before – including unique works by Keith Haring (auction high: 3.5m USD), the ‘godfather of street art’ Richard Hambleton (auction high: 550k USD), and José Parlá (auction high: 70k USD). West Chelsea Contemporary currently houses a broad roster of sentimental heirlooms and investment artists. In the spirit of the holiday season, come to West Chelsea Contemporary to collect an unforgettable gift.

The holidays are a great time to design, decorate, and curate the objects of value to you and your family. Inhabiting a space of both beauty and meaning is a cherished aspect of establishing an art collection, whether you’re beginning or evolving your current acquisitions.  At West Chelsea Contemporary, we’re proud to offer market-leading contemporary pieces that ring true on multiple scales of value.  Consider acquiring something on the wide spectrum of valuation in the arts: among them aesthetic, investment, cultural, or personal value, to name a few.

West Chelsea Contemporary provides industry-leading customer service wherein you can expect sound investment advice, unparalleled curatorial expertise, and a keen eye for design and aesthetic.  Our sales team will accommodate your every specification and build the bridge between our collection and yours with ease.  

One particular favorite project of ours over the course of the holiday season is the acquisition of heirloom art objects.  Specifically, families are often drawn to art objects of sentimental or social significance as a means of remembering, cherishing, or bestowing.  As such, West Chelsea Contemporary currently houses a broad roster of sentimental and heirloom investment-worthy artists.  
Concrete to Canvas, running presently through December 31, features fantastic examples from the history of street and graffiti art such as Richard Hambleton, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.  Once more, our sales team will provide you an abundance of examples that fit your specific needs to invest and design effectively and beautifully.

Allee Beatty – Assistant Director

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