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Known for its local haunts, enviable food scene and of course the musically inclined, Austin is home to the ultimate ‘local’ culture. With residents quick to claim their status and outsiders eager to visit, are we even surprised that new transplants continue to arrive every day?

Check out our top local artists from in and around the Texas capital. Support Austin artists and shop local.

| Ash Almonte |

Ash Almonte’s work makes reference to the energizing movement found within abstract expressionism. “It is more about the execution, than the final product. I enjoy the process of making art more than the product” says Ash. 

| Cody Hooper | 

Cody Hooper covers panels with oil and acrylic, experimenting in composition and texture. He entices the viewer to explore an unknown. Hooper is deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. By removing the representational, he tells stories without subject matter solely through abstracted juxtapositions.

| Hayley Mitchell | 

Hayley Mitchell is known for her vibrant, abstracted figures – inspired by Cubism and Post-Impressionism. Captivated by intricate design found throughout international cultures, Mitchell creates bold pieces that make a statement in any home. She paints daily in her home studio located in the Texas capital.⠀

| Gil Bruvel | 

Australian-born/ France-raised/ Texas-based artist Gil Bruvel’s interdisciplinary body of work draws from Surrealism’s fantastical feel and imagined dreamscapes. His art emerges from a deep contemplation of images, emotions, and sensations, which he refines continually before he casts them into material form. 

| Katherine Houston | 

A native Houstonian, Katherine Houston has spent the majority of her life in the Houston area. She began her career as an investment broker in the late ’70s, leaving in the late ’80s to begin a family. Katherine has devoted much of the past 20 years to studying and producing art. 

| Brad Ellis | 

Brad Ellis, an abstract painter living and working in Dallas, Texas, creates mixed media paintings that involve encaustic, oil, acrylic and collage elements. Texture, surface treatments and color are very important aspects of his work in order for each painting to have a profound and compelling presence.

| Maxine Price | 

Maxine Price received her BFA degree in Art from the University of Texas at Austin and over her career has pursued various aspects of art including being a book designer, a fashion illustrator, an interior designer, a graphic artist, a portrait artist and a painter showing in numerous galleries and juried shows in the Southwestern United States.

| Ray Phillips | 

Artist, Ray Phillips has always held a passion for creating art. Ray’s work has evolved into an amalgam of typography, abstract composition, collage/ mixed media and hidden secrets. Ray’s work is as much an intellectual pursuit as creative endeavor, as evident when he speaks about his work. “Enough is never enough. Each piece is like a series of small battles – something to overcome in anongoing effort to please myself. The creative process is sometimes very exhausting, unlike the interpretation some have that it’s always therapeutic with ideas just flying onto the canvas”.

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