Museum Quality Collection Feeds Niche in Central Texas Art Scene

Austin, TX – When people walk through the door of her downtown Austin art gallery, Lisa Russell often gets  asked, “how much is admission?” That’s because from the floor to ceiling windows that flank West Sixth Street, passersby can see paintings and lithographs by Renoir, Pissarro, Chagall, Picasso and other 19th and 20th century masters. And judging by the gutsy move this entrepreneur made in 2009 to double her commercial art space, some would say she’s on to something.

The Russell Collection has become the go-to place for serious collectors from around the country to purchase museum quality art. Included in Lisa Russell’s collection are more than 100 original works from the 1600’s to the present day. Rembrandt, Mary Cassatt, Toulouse-Lautrec, Manet, Matisse and other artists from the French Barbizon school are on display year-round. In addition, contemporary artists paint a fresh perspective with noted names such as Ray Donley, Maxine Price, Vicki McMurry, Frederick Hart, Michael Kessler and Royo. Six new contemporary artists were welcomed in September of 2009 and now grace the walls of her airy and spacious art gallery and include Daniel Maltzman, Chuck Voelter, Linda St. Clair, Ethan Diehl, Brad Ellis, Rimi Yang, Ash Almonte and Olga Porter. Special exhibits and artist receptions/talks throughout the year highlight notables such as Peter Max and Alexandra Nechita.

Lisa Russell opened her first gallery in Austin, Texas, in 2002 when she noticed that no other gallery was selling museum quality art. This niche has proven successful and caught the attention of a reporter at the New York Times who referred to the Russell Collection as “Austin’s most exclusive gallery.” In 2009, she made a bold move in one of the country’s most challenging economic times and almost doubled her gallery space to 5000 square feet. Her gallery is perfectly situated along one of the most trafficked arteries of downtown Austin in the art-centric West End District of Sixth Street.

Every piece of art comes professionally framed along with a certificate of authenticity. Lisa and her staff also serve as personal art curators by helping their clients select and place pieces for their home as well as begin their own art collections.

“I always recommend to my clients that they look for art that they love, find pieces that really speak to them. Visual art has an effect on your psyche and wouldn’t you want to own something that makes you feel good on a daily basis, every time you look at it?” Russell asks. “If you buy with your heart, it’s always a good investment.”

Press Release: Six Contemporary Artists find Home Alongside Masters in Austin Art Gallery

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