Wild Ceremony


  • medium Acrylic, Cryon and gold leaf on canvas
  • edition 1
  • size 23.62w x 23.62h in
  • created 2018

“This piece is from my ‘Wild’ series, which are about nature wearing the colours of man like war paint, trying to adapt to man’s intervention. The fluorescent paint also looks like energy radiating from the animal, as it is painted on the places I find most intense.

I use a lot of stags in my work as they are so majestic and pure, like they are wearing ornate crowns on their heads. They are powerful and yet so peaceful. I love that juxtaposition and how they are symbolic of standing your own ground and overcoming life’s obstacles. I believe I am also drawn to stags as it’s the Scottish in me and I just love their anthropomorphic qualities, when they stare at you it’s like they are staring into your soul…

Here the stags have been set on gold and variegated blue-gold leaf to elevate their status and hint at their divinity, just as religious figures are often depicted in golds and blues to show their holy status”