What Party (Orange)

  • medium Screenprint in colors on Saunders Waterford 425gm HP hiwhite paper
  • edition 16/100
  • size 22.00w x 22.00h in
  • created 2020
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COA: This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.
Published by:Kawsone, pub.

Collection Note:

KAWS’ What Party (Orange) is part of a series of 7 works published and distributed to celebrate the unveiling of his large-scale sculpture of the same name at the K11 Musea Hong Kong. What Party features one of KAWS’ recurring figures named “CHUM” in a humanized position, with downcast eyes and sloping posture.

As with any character featured in a work by KAWS, What Party features the artist’s signature XX eyes. These Xs can be read as a calling card left by KAWS after the act of appropriation and can be seen as far back as his early interventions into New York bus shelters and phone booth advertisements when he would add his own figures in acrylic paint to the airbrushed photos of fashion models and perfume bottles. This attraction to appropriation has its roots in the street art movement that KAWS grew up with and has always been inspired by. For him nothing is off-limits, his tag could appear on the side of a building, on a Clavin Klein advert or on the walls of a gallery, it’s all the same as long as people are seeing it.

What Party comes in variations of “Blue,” “Grey,” “Pink,” “Orange,” “Light Pink,” “Red,” and “Yellow.”