Trompe l’oeil, Les Falaises du Trocadéro, 19 mai 2021, 19h57, Paris, France, 2021


  • medium Giclée Print Laminated with G-gloss, Mounted on 3mm Dibond
  • edition 231/247
  • size 37.79w x 25.19h in
  • created 2021
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COA: This work comes with a certificate of authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.
Published: Heni Editions
Additional Info: Through this work JR redefines the codes of the urban landscape and invites spectators to apprehend their environment differently. The artwork renews itself according to the various lights of day, with each moment offering a new perspective on Paris’ most famous monument, the Eiffel Tower. The latter remains the central element of the composition, but the illusion of an underground city is a new myth, adding to the long list of its rich history. JR continues to reveal the monuments of Paris in a new light by sublimating them and inviting spectators to take a fresh look at their everyday environment. JR’s tradition of including people in his work goes back a long way: either directly by pasting their portraits across the world in large format, as in The Wrinkles of the City, Women are Heroes or even the Inside Out Project, which invites anyone to get their large scale portrait taken free of charge in order to make a statement; or indirectly by letting people be part of the art piece by ripping it off, playing with it, imagining stories or asking someone else to take their picture.
Next to their visual impact, at the core of these projects is the gathering of people, volunteers, visitors, souvenir catchers, as well as the reactions induced by the art piece, all of which bme part of the work. In addition to the paper medium used, the accessible and participative nature of JR’s work makes it ephemeral. Once pasted, it lives its own life.