Street Sweeper


  • medium Silkscreen and gouache on collage laid on board
  • edition 1
  • size 27.00w x 13.75h in
  • created 2008

COA: This work comes with a certificate of Authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary
Collection Note:
Street Sweeper by Swoon is telling of the artist’s humanistic and empathetic character. Also known as Caledonia Curry, Swoon views her work as leading by example towards proactive change and betterment of a whole, not just herself. The muted composition draws emphasis to the Street Sweeper, a man exhausted but determined to clean up the streets of Mexico City. This man serves as a visual reminder that although everyone counts towards the goal of maintaining our planet, one person cannot do it alone despite their admirable attempt. This duality creates a solemn piece with ever-so-subtle hopeful undertones.