Song For Nobody, Letter No. 2

  • medium Acrylic pen, color spray, oil paint on ultra chrome ink printed paper
  • edition 1
  • size 36.60w x 43.30h in
  • created 2021
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COA: This work comes with a certificate of authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.

Collection Note:

South Korean contemporary artist Mari Kim draws upon the language of manga and pop art to create her lustrous canvases. Kim is best known for the recurring character in her paintings “Eyedoll,” a cartoon-like porcelain-skinned female with large oval eyes that stare directly out from the surface. Heavily informed by her training in digital animation, each of Kim’s compositions begin with a digital rendering before being translated into paint on canvas. Eyedoll transforms between paintings, donning various outfits and guises as she stands against different backgrounds. Subtle alterations to the character’s kaleidoscopic iris patterns match changes in her costume and mood while inviting viewers into a world that toes the line between imagination and reality.