Music to Live 1

  • medium Stencil, spray paint and acrylic on canvas
  • edition 1
  • size 56.25w x 81.75h in
  • created 2011
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COA: This work comes with an official certificate of authenticity provided by the artist.

Collection Note:

Music to Live 1 is one of a grouping of works that the artist believes to be his “high art.” All of the works in this category feature musicians, musical instruments, dancers, and authors, all a nod to the artist’s fascination and adoration of cultural production.

The central figure in the work is Blek’s son Alex, who he often uses as a model for his large-scale stencils by having him pose in a variety of positions which he then photographs and translates into stencil format.

Fellow street artist Shepard Fairey describes Blek’s work eloquently when he states, “Blek Le Rat’s stencils distill the essence of the human struggle into poetically concise images. Blek shows clarity in his work, he makes ever stylized mark count, yielding art that is at once personal and universal, economic in gesture and bountiful in statement.“