Marilyn Monroe

  • medium Screenprint in colors on linen
  • edition 1
  • size 47.50w x 62.00h in
  • created 2008
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Publisher- Bankrobber, London, pub.

Contemporary artist Russell Young brings a sense of elegance and beauty to old Hollywood prestige with his characteristic appropriation of celebrity imagery. The present work captures the famous starlet’s eternal glamour in brilliant shades of priscilla pink. The artist captures Monroe’s infamous beauty and mystique washed with a vibrant color that is both feminine and strong in feeling.

Russell Young is interested in the places where the glamour of the American dream meets the darkness of crime, addiction, and death. He explores this in series such as “Dirty Pretty Things” (2010), in which screen printed images of notoriously tragic stars Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain are sprinkled with diamond flakes. Young began as a straightforward photographer of celebrities, getting his start shooting the cover for George Michael’s Faith album. Gradually, he shifted his approach to become an artist whose work comments on the phenomenon of celebrity portraiture. Young emulates Andy Warhol’s printing style, applying saturated color over screen printed images in which subjects appear blown up and grainy, as though printed on newsprint.