• medium Acrylic and ink on a canvas
  • edition 1
  • size 48.00w x 36.00h in
  • created 2021
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COA: This work comes with a certificate of Authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.
Exhibited at the Bastrop City Hall, TX
Award of Bastrop Art in Public Places in 2018 2D Art Project
Artist’s Essay: Leviathan is a controversial symbol in history.
One can see Leviathan as a monster swims in the sea of the world, i.e., Satan. God has thrown the line into that sea. The cord of that line is the human genealogy of Christ; the hook is the divinity of Christ; the bait is his humanity. Attracted by the scent of his flesh, Leviathan wants to snap him, but the hook tears apart his jaw.
Thomas Hobbes described Leviathan as a symbol of the State, combining all the behavioral powers of a well-run government machine. The city, governed by the Leviathan, pictured on the bottom of the artwork, is looking small and insignificant compared to the deep blue skies above.