Judy on the Beach


  • medium Screenprint in colors on wove paper
  • edition 14/75
  • size 43.12w x 29.87h in
  • created 1987
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COA: This work comes with a certificate of authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.

Collection Note:

Muralist, painter, sculptor, and installation artist Kenny Scharf is best known for his fantastical, large-scale paintings of anthropomorphic animals and imagined creatures. Though Scharf’s brightly colored imagery is generally playful, he has remarked that darker themes exist beneath the surface of his works, visible upon closer inspection.

Judy on the Beach is a painting that is characteristic of much of Scharf’s oeuvre. On the surface, the bright colors, recognizable character, and smiling faces locate the scene in the carefree realm of a cartoon. However by putting these innocent characters in grave danger he purposefully undermines the safety of their animated world.

The contradictory aspects of Scharf’s art represent the displacement of the apocalyptic anxiety that the artist felt throughout the 1980s into a fantasy world. His work vacillates between opposites, refusing to occupy a fixed position. His negotiation of these liminal spaces operates as both an analysis of the contemporary and a wry defense mechanism.