Immortal #2, Camille


  • medium Chromogenic print (c-print), mounted to Dibond
  • edition 4/8
  • size 26.00w x 34.50h in
  • created 2010
SKU: 231099704 Artist:

COA: This work comes with a certificate of
Authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary
Exhibited: Immortal, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta,
USA, April 2011
Additional Info: Vee Speers plays on society’s age old obsession with freezing time and avoiding the inevitable death and decay as long as possible, while riffing on the very contemporary convergence of similar ideas, ideals, and forms that have invaded our consciousness in our media-driven, technology-rich consumer cultures. This portrait of naked beautiful youth is set against backdrops of Eden-like natural beauty, or scenes of post-apocalyptic destruction. The subject is young and beautiful, but seems isolated, exposed and vulnerable, trapped, distant, on guard, defiant, all alone in a strange land, and confronted by echoes of subliminal fears and insecurities. With the smooth gloss sheen of fashion-model perfection Speers has created a new world that merges Mona Lisa charm and mystery, with the melancholy of Dorian Gray. The surface is loaded with references to both to classical art, and to perfection of youthful beauty that has become the everyday obsession of western culture. – Vee Speers