Great Dancers

  • medium Acrylic and Aerosol on Linen
  • edition 1
  • size 99.00w x 81.00h in
  • created 2022
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COA: This work comes with an official certificate of authenticity provided by the artist.

Collection Note:

Among Blek Le Rat’s diverse range of subjects are a host of works featuring musicians, dancers, and composers. It is this collection of work that the artist considers his highest form of art. With the aim of bringing “characters out of museums to return them to the people of the city,” Blek often takes inspiration from compositions of old masters such as Caravaggio, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci. The artist’s deep fascination with cultural production and engagement with other modes of artistic expression is evident in works of this nature. Blek often incorporates ironic juxtapositions, merging classical figures with symbols of modernity, as in his Renaissance musician who sits playing the electric guitar. During a trip to South America ten years ago, Blek encountered flamenco and tango dancers in the streets of Argentina. Inspired by their balletic movements and the freedom of their expression, Blek began incorporating dancing figures into his repertoire of characters. The artist has explained, “Dance makes me forget the laws of gravity.” As a master of stencil design, Blek’s dancers beautifully translate the experience of fluid motion into a single moment.