Girl from Ranoon Province


  • medium Screenprint, hand painting on mounted linoleum tile
  • edition 1
  • size 15.25w x 14.25h in
  • created 2021
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COA: This work comes with a certificate of authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.

Collection Note:

Caledonia Curry, whose work appears under the name Swoon, is a Brooklyn-based artist and is widely known as the first woman to gain large-scale recognition in the male-dominated world of street art. In a moment when contemporary art often holds a conflicted relationship to beauty, Swoon’s work carries with it an earnestness, treating the beautiful as sublime even as she explores the darker sides of her subjects. Her work has become known for marrying the whimsical to the grounded, often weaving in slivers of fairy tales, scraps of myth, and a recurring motif of the sacred feminine. s

While much of Swoon’s art plays with the fantastical, there is also a strong element of realism. This can be seen in her myriad social endeavors, including a long-term community revitalization project in Braddock, Pennsylvania, and her efforts to build earthquake-resistant homes in Haiti through Konbit Shelter. Her non-profit, the Heliotrope Foundation, was created in order to further support these ventures. Many of her prints portray real subjects, from family and close friends to people she encounters during her travels around the world.