Fossilize Series #3

  • medium Collage in Resin, posters collected from the street, spraypaint, lasercut and crystal epoxy
  • edition 1
  • size 18.00w x 29.00h in
  • created 2012
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COA: This work comes with a certificate of Authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.
Exhibition History: Devoid Solo Show, Lazarides Gallery, Londres, 2012
Literature: Vihls, gestalten, Berlin, 2011, p17
Collection Note:
Working with the city as his prime material, Vhils has used the urban environment and what it offers in its most derelict spaces as both a location and, in this series, as a source for materials. By highlighting the poetic value of decay, he explores the ephemeral nature that underlies all things.

In his series of resin works, Vhils creates fossils of the urban environment with layers of meaning and place superimposed on top of each other. Through their frozen aspect, as though they were congealed in space and time, these works capture symbolic material elements from our present-day culture in order to preserve them for the future.

Vhils’ work is imbued with a very human emotional intensity – a proposition that reveals a mixture of beauty and corrosion, wealth and neglect, desire and emancipation, randomness and design, individual strength and the complexity of social plurality. By bringing this humanity to the forefront, by highlighting the struggle between the individual and the highly complex realm of urbanity, by probing the dark corners of the city where people’s intrinsic qualities diffuse against a backdrop of noise and saturation, Vhils emphasizes the overwhelming but forgotten simplicity of life itself.