Ataxia 12

  • medium Hand-carved old wooden doors assembled
  • edition 1
  • size 59.10w x 86.76h in
  • created 2013
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COA: This work comes with a certificate of Authenticity from West Chelsea Contemporary.
Exhibition History: Off-site Lazarides exhibition, 2013
Collection Note:
Ataxia 12 is an archetypal example of Vhils groundbreaking bas-relief carving technique, here on a remnants of old wooden doors assembled by the artist.

The use of doors has become prominent and recurring in Vhils’ work, incorporating his experience with the urban environment. Largely unnoticed and perceived as simple objects of necessity, or partitions rendered meaningless when stripped of their purpose, for the artist, doors are fertile ground for exploration, imbued with profound symbolism. For Vhils, doors are portals. They are an opening into a collective psyche that explores contrasting ideas: ownership and freedom, seclusion and inclusion, permeability and impermeability.

The artist explains what inspires him: “I try focusing on the act of destruction to create; this is something I have brought over from graffiti…by removing and exposing some of these layers—in fact, by destroying them—we might be able to reach something purer, something of what we used to be and have forgotten all about.”