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Lyora Pissarro’s new series of Mindscape oil paintings incorporate the dynamism and vibrancy of projection mapping through a collaboration with Rhizome Creative director Oliver Allaux and multimedia installation light artist Alex Allaux.  Lyora Pissarro’s work is a synthesis and a bridge between the past and future, humans and nature, mind and body, technology and myth. Her paintings stand at the focal point between history and the imminent future, the realized and the imagined. Standing on the shoulders of a lineage of impressionist landscape artists, her work embraces her artistic heritage, while articulating an entirely new perspective. Lyora’s research into this project not only looks outward toward nature but inward as well. This particular vantage point on nature and the self, take form in an evolving series called Mindscapes. While Lyora focuses primarily on painting, her creations also emerge as digital sketches, interactive installations, and light sculptures. Presented are distortions of the habitual landscape form, blending the digital into the traditional and blurring the elusive nature of reality itself. Worlds are created and connected through endless layers of color, optical illusions arise, and perspectives are formed, conveying the multitude of landscapes within one’s inner psychology. Lyora paints in Brooklyn New York and completed her formal education at Hunter College, after doing her foundation year at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Lyora Pissarro has held exhibitions in New York, Utah, Texas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Barcelona & London.  Oliver Allaux has over 10 years of building stage designs and live projection mapping environments at large international festivals, fashion shoots, gallery shows, and immersive experiential environments. He has emerged as one of the leading pioneers of the projection art form, helping solidify its legitimacy as a digital expression not yet fully realized or explored. In a world heading rapidly towards digital immersion, he feels it necessary to continue the conversation about how this new reality can be brought back into the material world, providing us with new windows into the conversation of what art is, existing at the event horizon of the NFT revolution. Alex Allaux has spent the past decade telling stories through film and projection mapping. His work has brought him from refugee camps in Greece to international projection mapping festivals and NYC gallery spaces. Focusing on humans and their place in the natural world, his work hangs at the intersection of light, form, and fiction.