Art Collector Lisa Russell Uncovers Treasures from Five New Contemporary Artists

AUSTIN, Texas (October 1, 2010) – Art is in high demand in Austin, Texas and it’s not just the rare Renoir or Picasso that Lisa Russell’s gallery is known for. Five new contemporary artists have been added to the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery, named “Austin’s most exclusive gallery” by the New York Times, and Russell’s eye for the unusual and beautiful has not led her astray. In just one day of receiving six new pieces from artist, Rimi Yang, two are marked with the red dot (meaning the piece has sold) and the others have received interest from potential buyers.

“My first love is for the Masters–Renoir, Pissarro, Chagall, Picasso,” says Russell, “but I’ve always wanted to expand my collection and contemporary artists are doing some amazing work right now – I couldn’t pass up the chance to represent these rising talents.”

About the Artists:

Los Angeles based Rimi Yang was born and raised in Osaka, Japan and is known for her intense enthusiasm for vibrant color. Celebrating the chaotic emotional duality that exists in life in her art, she revels in the confusion mankind creates in its attempt to order the un-orderable and to explain the unexplainable. She mixes different techniques from various painting styles, escorting viewers down the path to her unique and mysterious wonderland.

Ethan Diehl lives, works and paints in Austin, Texas, where he uses photographs, computers and grid systems to create eye-catching masterpieces. Painting in one eighth-inch squares in various shades of gray, this color blind artist produces the unreal realism of emotionally and visually complex images.

Ash Almonte is just 26 years old and lives in Abilene, Texas. She uses symbols to tell her story and in her work expresses her own personal passions, energy, thoughts, ideas and stories about overcoming odds throughout her life. A recent series of self-portraits use fruits and vegetables, which symbolize a past struggle to make ends meet for her family by selling these items on the side of the road. She considers her work food for the soul, infused with love.

Brad Ellis creates canvases with encaustic and his studio in Dallas, Texas is home to this labor-intensive process that often takes weeks and months to create a single piece. Encaustic paint is heated to a liquid state and after application to the surface, is fused with a heat source for bonding. Combining this technique with oil paint and collages result in textured surfaces that keep the eye venturing over wisps of colors and
seemingly random patterns.

Houston based Olga Porter is a Russian born painter. She is inspired by living, moving scenes and takes frequent painting trips across the U.S. and abroad. The subjects of Porter’s paintings are cityscapes and the human form. Her work is distinguished by forceful gestural marks, light abstraction, occasional displacement of elements and play with proportion.

The Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery is located at 1137 West 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Gallery hours are Tuesday- Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. More information can be found on the gallery at or at
Photography and interviews available upon request.