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Street Kings: Blek Le Rat & Risk Aug 27 - Sep 18


Street Kings: Blek Le Rat + RISK highlights two masters, each who have catalyzed a movement within their respective international homebaseParis and Los Angeles. Both Blek and RISK have a storied history within the street art movement. By pioneering innovative techniques, these artists have garnered international acclaim and acceptance. French artist Blek Le Rat visited the New York scene in 1971, where he was inspired by the WildStyle graffiti subculture and the impulsive, alleyway works of Richard Hambletongodfather of street art. Returning to Europe in 1979, Blek drew on his degree in printmaking and his newfound appreciation for urban art, integrating the ethos of graffiti with the practicality and refinement of stencil based design. RISK, also known by the monikers of Risky and RiskRock, moved to LA in 1982 at 15 years old. By 1989 he became one of the first LA based taggers to adorn New York subway cars when he traveled to the epicenter of graffiti.