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Lady Pink Artist Talk Jul 11, 3pm - 5pm

NY-based street-art legend Lady Pink (aka the First Lady of Street-Art) visits West Chelsea for an artist talk and street-art celebration.

Join us for an artist talk and graffiti ‘Pink’ party at West Chelsa Contemporary. Meet this legendary street artist and enjoy refreshments, live music and Austin’s burgeoning collector community.
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Lady Pink (born Sandra Fabara) was born in Ambato, Ecuador, and raised in New York City. The NY -based graffiti artist, muralist, and fine artist is known as the First Lady of graffiti and is a rare female figure in the male-dominated world of graffiti art.
She was still in high school when Lady Pink was exhibiting her work in art galleries, and at 21 years old, she had her first solo show. Since then, her work has been displayed in important art collections around the world, including at the Whitney Museum, the MET in New York City, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Groningen Museum of Holland.
Lady Pink has made significant contributions to the graffiti art world, but beyond that, she has arguably transformed the perception of graffiti art from street art to fine art — showing that art can transcend cultural boundaries.
At a time when female graffiti artists were few and far between, Lady Pink put her feminism front and center both through her moniker and her work. Her name was the product of her love of Victorian historical romances and her desire to embrace the femininity associated with the color pink. Womanhood is not merely an obstacle — though there have been obstacles — but also a huge source of empowerment and strength in Lady Pink’s work. Being a strong female artist is not only reflected in her style and inspired by her upbringing, but it is also an integral part of who she is as an artist and a person.


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