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[IN]TANGIBLE FUTURES: Women at the Forefront Jun 17 - Jul 14

A 3-week show in the heart of New York’s Chelsea district that runs in conjunction with the 4th annual NFT Industry Event (described as ’the Super Bowl of NFTs’ by Coinbase). The show focuses on women artists who are breaking ground by incorporating new technologies into their fine art practice. Lyora Pissarro’s new series of minds-cape oil paintings incorporates the dynamism and vibrancy of projection mapping through a collaboration with Rhizome Creative director Oliver Allaux. These works bend light to awaken the colors, forms, and landscapes presented in Pissarro’s masterful paintings.

Sofia Cianciulli’s body of work ‘#DigitalFeelings’ ‘explores the relationship between the female body and social media’ and her practice ‘combines painting, digital media, sculpture and performance art, to consider the female body in a post-feminist age’.

Included in this show will be South Korean artist Mari Kim, who’s physical painting practice always begins digitally and Austin-based, Russian artist Mila Sketch who’s paintings come alive through augmented reality. Alongside these incredible fine artists there will be major digital artist Yam Karkai, creator of World of Women NFTs, and emerging women digital artists.