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Icons & Vandals: Austin Apr 30 - May 31

Recognizable by name and respected for their invaluable contribution, the artists featured in Icons & Vandals have subverted the contemporary art world throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Categorized by their emergence, whether through normative or non-normative means, these artist’s have distinguished themselves through disruption. Icons & Vandals seeks to celebrate and highlight monumental works by notable innovators. 

With artwork spanning 60 years, Icons & Vandals features art-world agitators from across the globe. Modern Masters—such as Alex Katz and Jim Dine—challenged the status quo through aesthetic and technical innovation. While Pop Art icons—like James Rosenquist and Robert Indiana—mined every-day culture and transformed it into fine art. Contemporary Neo-Pop legends—such as Takashi Murakami and Mari Kim—re-explore the conceptual underpinnings of Pop through the lens of global contemporary culture while pushing the visual language of the movement even further. Contemporary Chinese Artistslike Li Tianbing and Zhang Xiaogang—critique their country’s collectivist society on a global scale. Street art pioneers—from Cey Adams and Richard Hambleton to Blek le Rat and  Banksy—disrupt physical urban space while challenging the boundaries of what can be considered art. In this same vein, artist-licensed Skate Decks and Vinyl Art bring both toy culture and the subculture of skating into the upper echelon of the art world and redefine what it means to be a collector.

By contemplating ground-breaking movements from the past six decades, Icons & Vandals allows viewers to rediscover and redefine the art world’s most iconic and contentious house-hold names. These artists have left their mark on the development and progression of contemporary art by subverting the norms of their own time. Through this show it becomes clear that these two labels are not mutually exclusive but in fact ingrained in their interconnectedness.