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Concrete to Canvas New York Oct 29 - Dec 23

Concrete to Canvas | 2022 | New York

West Chelsea Contemporary is proud to present the New York gallery’s second iteration of our annual exhibition Concrete to Canvas—a celebration of graffiti, street art, and the artists born of these movements. Epic in scope and visceral in feel, this show articulates a movement that is and will continue to be hugely influential in the history of art. Graffiti began to appear, almost overnight, in the 1970s, with cryptic signature—tags—scrawled across New York City on subway cars, basketball courts, and building facades. Often political and deeply personal, this form of self-expression established itself apart from the typical white cube. Much of the philosophy of graffiti stemmed from a belief that art can function outside systems of law and property, and that art should be democratic and accessible to all people regardless of race, age, gender, and economic status.

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