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Category Archives: Diary

  1. A Collector’s Guide to Bob Gruen

    He is the most well known and respected photographer in Rock and Roll. Name your favorite American Rock and Roll Band and chances are the image that pops into your head was taken by Bob Gruen.

  2. A Collector’s Guide to Cori Teague and Sophia Cianciulli

    Two emerging artists reclaiming the female form. Works featured on offer in West Chelsea Contemporary’s current exhibition: PROVOCATEURS….

  3. A Collector’s Guide to Raphael Mazzucco

    Five things to know about the fashion photographer who won the art world Works featured on offer in…

  4. A Collector’s Guide to Daniel Maltzman

    Daniel Maltzman was born in Los Angeles in 1963 and has become a collected painter amongst Hollywood legends.

  5. A Collector’s Guide to the Connor Brothers

    What to know about the hyped East London duo who fooled the art world with their spectacular story….

  6. A Collector’s Guide to Cey Adams

    Five things you should know about the artist who defined the visual culture of American hip-hop. Works featured…

  7. A Collector’s Guide to James Rosenquist

    Five things you should know about the American Pop art legend, annotated by WCC Curator Lindsay Hamm. Select…

  8. Art to celebrate your love.

    5 everlasting gifts of love your partner will adore. This February at West Chelsea Contemporary, the unpredictable nature…

  9. West Chelsea Contemporary: THIS IS NOW

    A new show in Downtown Austin. | 6 – 28 February 2021 | 1009 W 6th St West…

  10. Fine Art’s Newest Medium: Vinyl Toys

    Designer Art Toys & Collectibles – A collection of contemporary art is incomplete without this medium. From KAWS…