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Art to celebrate your love.

5 everlasting gifts of love your partner will adore.

This February at West Chelsea Contemporary, the unpredictable nature of the past year has us feeling especially grateful for the eternal love of family, partners and friends in our lives.

As we embark upon another year of new unknowns, it feels more vital to celebrate the love we have, and to find more meaningful ways of communicating to our loved ones how much they mean to us.

From our extraordinary collection, we are proud to present to you a stunning selection of artworks to add to your collection that forever say, “I love you“.

Five Reds by Donald Sultan

The radiant poppy flowers of Donald Sultan’s iconic Five Reds were originally inspired by the flowers worn to commemorate fallen soldiers in the wake of World War I. These eternal blooms possess a startling depth thanks to the eight layers of red inks Sultan used to create a rich screen print around their flocked black centers.

As striking as they are eternal, the Reds hold within them a beautiful statement of that which is everlasting. They make for an extraordinary gift.

Donald Sultan Five Reds, 2002
Screenprints in colors with flocking on Somerset Paper
Signed, titled, dated and inscribed in pencil
38.00w x 30.00h in

The Orientation of Grounding in Time and Space

by Lyora Pissarro

The luminescent landscapes of french artist Lyora Pissarro glow with a pulsating warmth that is produced by LED lights hidden in the framework of her surrealist landscapes. With a blend of summer sky hues, geometric abstractions and soft, romantic gradients, the artist has created her own language of color, one that strives toward utopia. Through her work, Pissarro aims to capture the balance and alignment we all seek within the frenzied motions of our daily lives.

More than landscapes these are dreamscapes; A perfect ode to the soul mate in your life with whom you can dare to dream.

Lyora Pissarro The Orientation of Grounding in Time and Space, 2020
Oil paint on board, LED lights embedded into frame
43.25w x 43.25h in

Infinite by Gil Bruvel

Gil Bruvel’s beautiful masks radiate a sacred sensation that calms and lifts the soul. The artist, who derives inspiration from vipassanã meditation, sculpts the tranquil faces from burnt sticks and wood glue; elements pulled from the more chaotic real world. These materials come together through his sculpture as a cohesive, graceful whole that conjures, in his own words, “a reminder of what it looks like to be centered and at peace.”

Honor your love this year with the gift of something sacred.

Gil Bruvel, Infinite 2020
Wood and paint
17.00w x 19.00h in

Overcoming Optimisim

by Harland Miller

Cheeky and brilliant, this iconic work from Harland Miller’s Penguin prints series is the perfect ode to the literary lover in your life. Miller, a critically acclaimed novelist as well as an influential painter, is best known for the invented, sardonic titles in this series, which not only put him on the map as a celebrated wit, but also as an incredible visual artist.

As a young adult, Miller spent years painting the covers of the “Penny Dreadful” books that his father collected back in Leeds, fascinated by their B-movie-esque cover scenes. He only began to invent the titles of the books in his paintings after moving to Paris as a young man. There, he could still collect pulp fiction to paint from the markets on the left bank, but the French titles were incomprehensible to him, so he invented his own.

Just as beautiful as the serendipity and humor behind this work is the phenomenal artistry that Miller employs to depict the stunningly realistic vintage books. An incredible gift for the lover of a great story in your life.

Harland Miller Overcoming Optimisim 2014
Screenprint in colors on wove paper
43.31w x 54.33h in

Untitled by Hunt Slonem

Works by artist Hunt Slonem are currently placed in 250 museum collections around the world. Slonem is renowned for his large scale sculptures and the whimsical bunnies, butterflies and birds that burst from his paintings. He views color as the ‘elixir of life,’ and his philosophy is evident in the iconic collections of bunnies that he paints, each unique in color, character and frame, for custom vintage frames too are integral to the artist’s work. Of the bunnies, though there are many, there are no two alike, which makes them a treasured addition to any collection, and a meaningful gift for the one you love.

Hunt Slonem Untitled
Oil on canvas
8.00w x 10.00h in

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Artists such as Russell Young and The Connor Brothers mine images from Old Hollywood and blur the lines between high and low culture. Legendary American pop artists Jim DineJames Rosenquist, and Donald Sultan abstract symbols from the everyday. While represented artists like Hunt SlonemAsh Almonte, and Gil Bruvel embrace vibrant palettes and complex textures to capture the natural world. Iconic works by Yayoi Kusama and Damien Hirst use stark visual contrast when exploring the transient nature of life. By borrowing the iconography and lore of pop culture and the everyday as the material for their artwork, these artists are able to reflect the world we live in and comment on larger themes like consumerism, globalization, and the shared human experience.

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