Art for Everyone: Warhol to Murakami

West Chelsea Contemporary is proud to inclusively offer art for everyone.  From the enthusiast to the veteran collector, there are pieces for intrigue, investment, and aesthetic.

Artists like Andy Warhol first championed the bridge between high and low art through his repetition of commercialized iconography–the unforgettable Campbell’s Soup Cans, Marilyn Monroe, and the like.  From the 60s onward, art became a reflection of consumer culture, and consumer culture began to respond in droves.  To date, Andy Warhol is one of the most recognizable artists to the eye and unquestionably drives international interest in the relationship between what we buy, why we buy–but perhaps most critically, who buys.

Thereafter, artists like Keith Haring and Jeff Koons further developed the bridge between a critical reflection on mass production and the vehicle of mass consumption.  Haring used his art and internationally recognized style to raise awareness about AIDS and end the stigma around its presence in queer culture and beyond.  In this way, popular artists were able to both profit from commercial and popular culture while also using it as a vehicle of expression.

In today’s art market, artists like Takashi Murakami represent the kind of neo-pop artists that have taken the torch from innovators like Warhol in an ever-evolving socio-economic landscape.  With accessible and identifiable tropes, Murakami is once again globally recognized for his play of life and death in flowers and skulls.  Moreover, his collaboration with musicians, fashion, and animation renders the entirety of his work accessible to nearly anyone.  At West Chelsea Contemporary, you’ll find examples of high value investment pieces as well as accessible sculptures, prints, and collectibles.  It’s no longer simply quoting commercial culture that defines the popularization of art and artists, but rather the ability to be accessed by a myriad and wide variety of collectors, both beginning and experienced.

In this vein, West Chelsea Contemporary is a vital part of the conversation inviting inclusivity into the art market.  Within our walls, you can expect to witness and acquire some of the world’s leading contemporary artists, receive a thoughtful educational experience, and find a new addition to your collection that falls within your means.  Your instinct in art is beautiful.  We’re here to celebrate and cultivate it, with you.

Allee Beatty, Art Consultant |