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A Collector’s Guide to Raphael Mazzucco

Five things to know about the fashion photographer who won the art world

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Raphael Mazzucco is an internationally acclaimed fine art and fashion photographer who travels the world shooting fashion, advertising, and celebrity portraits for leading brands, businesses, and magazines.

He has shot bikini-clad models for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; celebrities ranging from Adrien Brody to Olivia Newton John for a book project; and fashion spreads for publications including Vogue and Marie Claire.

His personal work is based in photography and centered upon gorgeous women. He begins with photographs of women in all manner of dress and undress, captured in the midst of action or still and posing. Over these images, Mazzucco paints, sketches, and splashes colorful pigment, creating an exuberant overlay of marks and brushstrokes in celebration of beauty and expression.

Read on below to discover five things every savvy collector should know about Raphael Mazzucco.

  1. Raphael Mazzucco is a Canadian-Born fashion, art, and music photographer. 

His photographs have appeared in well-respected Magazines and global brand publications such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, Guess Campaigns, and Ralph Lauren projects. Mazzucco’s collaborations include partnering with country superstar Keith Urban on a line of T-shirts for the social impact project and publishing a book for the CULO art, fashion, and pop culture movement with Sean “Diddy” Combs.

2. Mazzucco travels to isolated and remote areas around the world for his Art 

He borrows from his global travels to find inspiration in his studio, starting with his exquisite portraits of beautiful women and photographs of diverse landscapes that span Icelandic glaciers, African wildlife, the Western Australia outback, and Vietnamese rice paddies. Mazzucco looses himself in his travels and gathers inspiration and energy from his surroundings in nature and raw scenery.

“Beauty layered with natural elements has always been my recipe. Nothing we create can compare to the perfect beauty of nature.”

Raphael Mazzucco

3. He employs a unique multi-media style of Art that is unafraid to break rules 

His large-scale works begin with archival prints that he covers in acrylic paint, ink, natural pigments, herbs, spices, plants, and ephemera sourced from all over the world, encasing them in three to four layers of resin throughout the process. He brings in Geography, nature, and human emotion to all of his original works. He incorporates unconventional mediums into his pieces such as, leaves, found wood, shark teeth, and other raw and natural elements. 

4. Raphael is collected and respected by high-profile celebrities and Blue-Chip Artists. 

Immediately after transitioning into the Fine-Art world he was endorsed by Damien Hirst who bought one of his entire exhibitions on the opening night. Mazzucco’s work is in the private collections of Tommy Hilfiger, Rihanna, Jimmy Lovine, Peter Beard, and Sean “Diddy” Combs. He has been shown in 40 exhibitions in the United States, England, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

5. Mazzucco has published and produced over 12 books.

He has worked on numerous books including one with lingerie mega-retailer, Victoria Secret and “Fifty Shade of Grey” author E.L. James. His books display and celebrate his iconic photographs and life-time of work. The presentation of his limited-edition book “The Never Ending Summer” is a unique masterwork. Presented in a handmade box made from antique pine over a century old, this high gloss artwork is embellished with natural pigments and hand annotations. His groundbreaking 25-year career is illustrated in full color in his first-ever collector’s edition book.

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