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Lyora Pissarro: A Collector’s Guide

5 things you need to know about renowned French contemporary artist, Lyora Pissarro.

Lyora Pissarro

Works featured on offer in West Chelsea Contemporary’s current exhibition: ICONS & VANDALS: MAY 15 – JULY 11. 

French artist Lyora Pissarro uses the word ‘performative’ to describe her practice of both figurative and abstract works, which are rooted in painting. Acclaimed for her playful depiction of landscapes, Pissarro’s works have in common the artist’s embrace of her artistic heritage as a direct descendent of Impressionist Camille Pissarro. Her use of bright form gestures to the meanderings of the creative journey, often winding, mostly enchanting and hopefully uplifting.

Read on below to discover 5 things you need to know about acclaimed contemporary artist Lyora Pissarro.

  1. Pissarro’s style combines a mastery of painterly techniques with an embrace of technology and experimentation. Her Mindscapes series is a collection of “living” paintings that pulse with LED light and radiate pure beauty. Her subjects in the series are rooted in the natural elements of the world’s landscapes; earth, wind and water. But more-so than the physical environments she draws upon, Lyora stresses that her paintings are more representations of the unknown space of the mind. A state of mind, or a place inside the brain, hence the term mindscape. In this new direction Lyora departs from traditional impressionism styles, as impressionism aims at capturing the effects of light on the viewer’s eye, and this series explores how painting can capture the mind when enlightened. When breaking away from impressionism techniques, Pissarro found a freedom in the non-committal tools in digital space, where replacing colors and utilizing digital tools removes the limitations of reality.
Lyora Pissarro in her studio
  1. Pissarro comes from a family of 20 impressionist artists. However, she did not follow the same their same artistic path. Lyora is a direct descendant of legendary impressionist Camille Pissarro.  Camille Pissarro, one of the most influential members of the French Impressionist movement and the only artist to participate in all eight Impressionist exhibitions, is Lyora’s great-great-grandfather. He is the undoubted master of impressionism, and his influence on modern art remains immense. Camille Pissarro has been the source of inspiration for  many painters including Lyora. However, as she has developed her career, Pissarro decided to take her own individual spin on her artistic technique. 
Lyora Pissarro, The Orientation of Grounding in Time and Space (2020) on view now at West Chelsea Contemporary
  1. At four years old, Lyora began painting with her mother. Her mother would teach Lyora how to look at a subject and to try to copy nature in a realistic and unique way. Her interest in art stayed with her throughout the rest of her childhood, teenage years, to where she is today. Coming from such a large family of painters, Lyora felt a sense of pressure when she began creating art and struggled with technicality. Therefore, she chose to break away from traditional impressionist techniques and embarked on her own journey to discover her own artistic language. Lyora now immerses herself in geometry, painting and understanding color, chromatic conventions, and landscapes. 
Lyora Pissarro, Lemon Licks and Lukewarm Love (2020) on view now at West Chelsea Contemporary
  1. Pissarro completed her formal education in Fine Art at Hunter College in New York after attending Rhode Island School of Design for her foundation year. Pissarro’s passion for art was always present while she was in school. In the beginning of her studies, she attended the University of Manchester where she turned her attention to performing arts and the medium of the body as a tool for investigating issues of both art and life. She focused on the anthropology of art, and her final thesis was an exploration of the dialectical relationship between anthropology and art.  Following Manchester, Lyora attended Rhode Island School of Design and Hunter College, obtaining her second undergraduate degree in Fine Art.
Lyora Pissarro, The Memory of You Still Lingers (2020) on view now at West Chelsea Contemporary
  1. Lyora was named the Ultimate young painter in GQ magazine, and has exhibited across the United States and London.  Not only did GQ magazine call Lyora the ultimate young painter in 2018, but also discussed their love for her oil painting “Pycraft”. The abstract painter captivates the imaginations of collectors and curators alike. Pissarro first exhibited her work in 2014 at the Russell Collection and Fine Art Gallery (known today as West Chelsea Contemporary) in Austin, Texas, as part of an unprecedented exhibition entitled Five generations of Pissarro. Since then her work has been on show at the Christopher Clark Gallery in San Francisco, Stern Pissarro Gallery in London, Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery in New York City, and the Galerie d’Orsay in Boston. 

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What’s on now at WCC:

West Chelsea Contemporary’s nearly 8,000 square-foot gallery offers the opportunity to highlight work on a monumental scale. From 16-foot originals by RETNA and Cey Adams to colossal sculptural work—including a larger than life mixed media shark and painted aluminum spaceman—the gallery is activated by art world giant’s not only in a metaphorical sense. 

By contemplating ground-breaking movements from the past six decades, Icons & Vandals allows viewers to rediscover and redefine the art world’s most iconic and contentious house-hold names. These artists have left their mark on the development and progression of contemporary art by subverting the norms of their own time.  Through this show it becomes clear that these two labels are not mutually exclusive but in fact ingrained in their interconnectedness. 

Works from ICONS & VANDALS will be on display and for sale at West Chelsea Contemporary in beginning May 15.

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